To weigh or not to weigh? That is the question.

Tomorrow is 4 weeks to the day since I had my initial weigh in for The Ludus Transformation Challenge, since then I’ve weighed myself each week on the same day on the same set of scales (bar last Friday as I didn’t go to Ludus that day).

Obviously that means that tomorrow is “weigh in day” BUT I’m hesitant ..

I’m not worried about my progress as I’ve been eating well and training hard, my measurements are down and my clothes are fitting much better. It’s just that I know myself well enough to realise that “the number” matters WAY more to me than it should and if the number isn’t down as much as I think it should be down how will that influence me?

BUT I’m so curious ..

BUT curiosity also killed that cat …

It didn’t help that when I googled “How often should you weigh yourself when dieting?” that all the so called leading experts agree that it should be at least once a week and one study even showed that people who weigh themselves daily lost double the amount of weight of those that didn’t AND they kept the weight loss off longer …

Argh! I used to be one of those daily weigh in people and I can unreservedly say that although I’m tubbier than I was back then (mostly because I’m no longer a bodybuilder and I actually eat) – I’m also much happier!

Still – I bet you I just can’t help myself ..

Till next time





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