The Ludus Challenge – Are you sure you’re on a diet?

I’ve just cruised into week 4 so I’m running ever so slightly late with the week three round up – It was a pretty busy weekend though. 😉

So week three continued along the lines of the previous two weeks although I did less “demanding” training as I pulled my calf on Tuesday morning so I literally spent the rest of the week sitting on the spin bike and doing some high rep bodyweight exercises to try and keep burning the calories. I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete all three WODs in the (then) upcoming NZ Masters but thankfully by Thursday I was able to walk without pain and Saturday went as well as can be expected for someone who didn’t get her arse into gear and train for it.

I’m still most surprised about how easy I’m finding the clean eating side of things – I haven’t had any cravings whatsoever (which is somewhat disconcerting) but I’m still putting that down to the fact that I’m only eating whole foods. Apart from way back in week one when one of my staff changed all the settings on my office chair and I went ballistic I haven’t had any mood swings and to be fair I would have gone ballistic about the chair even if I hadn’t been on a diet, thankfully my stand up desk arrived not long after that as I still can’t get it “just right”.

Even James had noticed the difference in me – on Saturday we walked up to Dressmart Onehunga after I had finished the deadlift event at the NZ Masters. The plan was to walk over to Dressmart, grab some new running shoes (on the recommendation of my physio) and then head across to a wee cafe’ that we had stumbled across earlier in the day as I had spied this amazing looking salad in their cabinet.

Anyway we walk over to Dressmart (which was uber busy since it was around lunchtime) I try on shoes and select a pair and then James exclaims that he doesn’t have his eftpos card. I calmly put the shoes back on the shelf and say “it’s ok, I’ve got some food in the car anyway and we can always come and get these later” he just looked dumbfounded and blurted out “are you sure you are on a diet?”

I hope my calm and even demeanour isn’t a sign that I’m not losing weight – I wasn’t at Ludus on Friday, which is when I usually weigh myself BUT I did check my measurements and they were all down so I guess even if I’m the same weight or even heavier, smaller has got to be a sign that things are coming together … I might even change things up completely and forego weighing myself at all! After all you can always tell by the way your clothes fit if things are on track and mine are definitely fitting far more comfortably these days.

One thing probably won’t change though .. the weekly photos.

(Ludus Transformation Challenge) – Start vs end of week three

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