Meet my nemesis

Yep these two little rings hanging from a bar are my new nemesis.

At first it was the bar that rings hang from that stumped me. But with perseverance over the last year I can now pull myself up (go me), but those rings are another story entirely.

My goal is to be able to do 10 ring dips by the end of 2012. A couple of weeks ago I struggled just holding myself but this morning I did 2 dips! Well actually I probably did 1.5, hell I probably did 2 half reps but its progress right?

I’ve seen online that you can use a band like the ones you use to do pullups to help you with ring dips. Its a tough one because we don’t actually use the rings that often at Ludus so its not like pullups where you get tonnes of practise (and I mean TONNES)

I might just have to have a go every time I go in before session starts. Well see …

Anyhoo, heres a quick hump day recap …

  • I took my BFF to Ludus last night.  She survived AND she is coming back Thursday night .. go Ness!
  • I did a weight training session, yesterday morning  (shock horror).
  • Food has been as per the plan.
  • My weight is down.

And that is that in a nutshell 😉 onto something more interesting than me ….

You may recall yesterday I said that one of the three countries I would consider living is Ireland .. and this is why … 😉

Irish Winger – Tommy Bowe

His 6 foot 3 inch frame looks good in AND out of his shirt!

And apparently he is pretty good at rugby too!

But mostly his entire 98 kgs looks REALLY GOOD with no shirt on 😉

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Ring dips! Oh boy…..

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