I’m how old? – how did that happen?

Today is the oldest I’ve ever been and the youngest I’ll ever be, although to be fair I gave up counting years ago (7 years in fact) – case in point, this morning my boss asked me how old I was today and I had to work it aloud so he knew I wasn’t ignoring the question.

So yeah – I’m another year older (and a tad bit slower) but as a trade off, I’m somewhat wiser.

For example, this year I’ve worked out my “angles” and I definitely look the slimmest when I’m side on to the camera AND upside down and although I’m still yet to master the art of the selfie (I blame my really short arms) I did learn that putting a cute kid in front of you works better than any filter on the market. 😉

I’ve got to say that I’ve noticed the difference in my body now that I’m slightly more mature and it definitely won’t put up with the caning it used too when I was in my thirties. It’s also much more stubborn about letting go of any excess fat reserves but all in all I can’t complain, after all it will give anything a go …

Body – will you perch on a kettlebell for me?

Body – will you walk across the gym for me?

Don’t worry Body, I know you aren’t fond of running (the creaking knees give it away) BUT I promise only to ask you to do it if it’s really important if you promise not to sulk about it afterwards – deal?

Either way, I think you are awesome, thank you for carrying me through another great year!

Till next time

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