The You (well me) challenge – Day 1/10

Challenges don’t have to start on the first of the month or a Monday do they?

Because today seemed like as good a day as any .. and I guess that’s the beauty of having your own blog, you make the rules. 😉

I had initially decided that I would wait until tomorrow to make a start on a blog challenge – being that it will be the 1st BUT in my opinion the early bird catches the worm and honestly – you can only read about so many trails in the Waitakere Ranges before you will all start banging your head against a wall.

(But never fear – there are many more trail tales to be told …. later).

But for now;

10 secrets;

Although I’m not really sure you would classify these as “secrets” as I don’t think I have any?  So I went with 10 things you probably don’t know about me because I haven’t told anyone (or at least everyone) ..

I tend not to swim in a pool alone as I’m sure Jaws will “get me.”

At High School I got “caught” smoking, with a friend but he said it was just him smoking (thanks Daryl) so I convinced the teacher it was all a matter of perspective – she was standing at the bottom of the stairs so it just looked like I was smoking however it was probably just the smoke from Daryl’s cigarette wafting past me ..

When I was 18 (or so) and lived in a large house in Kingsland with 8 other people.  We were always broke so we used to go out in the early evening and take all the milk money (yeah once upon a time a milkman used to deliver milk to your house) and we would use the money to buy flour/milk/butter and then make scones for dinner.

On that note, my Dad used to send envelopes with cash to the house so I wouldn’t starve ..

One morning (way after moving out of the aforementioned scone house) I walked into the hallway to be confronted by a mouse.  I ran back into the bedroom, locked the door, stood on top of the bed and called my husband to come home from work to save me.  I also seriously considered jumping out of the window because I was going to be late for work  ….

Another day (but different house) I walked into the lounge to find a sparrow flitting around.  I shut the door and used every other room in the house until my then husband came home (the one who saved me from the mouse but not my current one) to “deal with it” – he found the sparrow sitting on top of the Christmas tree, caught it and set it (and me) free.

I’ve convinced the kids that Mum’s know everything (when in fact that just both talk really loudly so I hear everything and neither can lie to save themselves).

The men in my house tend to turn any vehicle in the driveway that I’m going to drive around so that it faces the road (obviously they don’t think that reversing is my strong point).

I may have used the phrase “This old thing?”when James has inquired “Is that new?”

I also may have been known to eat all the biscuits in the cupboard and then blamed the kids when James asks where they all went ..

Till next time





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