Running pretty

Every day after work, I have a routine which includes laying out my training gear for the next day, packing my work clothes into my gym bag and placing that bag next to the front door.

It’s one of the things that has helped me evolve into the morning person that I am today – believe you me I didn’t always jump out of bed willingly to carpe the f**k of of the diem ..

So, last night (like all other nights) I was laying out my training gear for today when Issy walked into the room. She glanced at the prepared ensemble and nodded her head with approval and said “Nice Mum! Two thumbs up!” she continued “Are you going to run in that?” to which I replied “Yes baby”

She shook her head and asked “Don’t you think it’s a bit, well how do I say this .. too fashionable to waste on running?”

“Oh no baby! It’s always very important to try and look nice when you run, first of all it makes you feel good and secondly people will see you. If people must see me huffing and puffing I can at least be wearing something cute .. “

She looked confused, “So how come Dad doesn’t wear handsome clothes … “

“Oh! Right! What I meant to say is it’s very important to look nice WHEN you run as slow as Mum does, because people will see you.  Dad runs so fast he’s like the flash …. people just see a flash of light!“

“So when you can run as fast as Dad you’ll start wearing ugly clothes?”

LOL “I don’t think we ever have to worry about that baby … “

I love how she has so much faith in me. 😉

Till next time





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