Think like a proton

I am nearing the end of Hal Higdon’s 12 week long Half Marathon Training Plan (Novice 1)

“Novice 1 is an easy entry point for the sport of long distance running which is aimed at beginning runners. If you can handle a 4-mile run (or walk) at the end of Week 1, I’ll get you to the finish line of a half marathon at the end of Week 12.”

On the schedule this week is two 8 kilometer runs (done and done) and one 16-17 kilometer run, which I’ll do on Saturday morning. My plan for that long run is to start at Parnell Baths and run an out and back route along the east coast bays. Then when I get back, the pool will be open and I can go and soak my aching legs.

I honestly can’t quite believe that next weekend I’ll be “running” 21 kilometers!  I mean when I first decided that I’d run the Coatesville Half Marathon I thought “sweet as – you’ve got aaaages to train.”

Well for future reference,  aaaaages, isn’t as long as I think it is and shit just got SUPER real  …

My race pack arrived!

It’s true, I’d rather do burpees – however I’ll tell you after I run the half marathon if I’d rather do the burpee mile.  Surely it can’t be worse than the mile ..

*think like a proton, think like a proton .. (positive)*

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