It’s a womans perogative

So 2012 was to be the year that Julia became an iron woman (well half a one anyway) however life happens and plans change.

I’ve been having some problems with my knee and although it’s getting stronger day by day my physio sat me down and laid the facts on the table and let me go away and decide where I wanted to go from this point onwards.

To cut a long story short my options were;

  1. Carry on training for iron man but give up Ludus which would free up some recovery time.
  2. Specialise in one sport which would allow me more time to recover and give my knee a better chance of dealing with the stresses.

When my physio gave me my options, it was obvious to me that I wasn’t going to be an iron woman because I haven’t found a sport that  I love enough to give up Ludus but I wanted to mull it over and talk it through with James because he’s a boy and they see things differently (less emotionally I guess).

I had said “I’m going to be an iron woman” to the world and if I was going to pike out I wanted it to be for the right reasons AND if I was going to continue I wanted it to be because I really wanted it – not just because I thought I had to go through with it because I had said it out loud.

And of course all major decisions should be made with a glass of bubbles in hand ..

Obviously James was going to support me either way because his motto is “A happy wife = A happy life” so the only thing he offered in the way of advice was to make sure I would have no regrets about turning my back on the only major goal I had set myself this year.

So I took some more time .. I even made a pros/cons list (because I’m a freak like that)

The only real “con” I had for not doing the iron man was looking like a cop out and after I decided that life is too short to care what other people think and that I should spend my time doing things that I actually enjoy instead of doing things “because I have too” the decision was even more of a no brainer than when I based it solely on not wanting to give up Ludus.

But do not fear!

Although 2012 will not be the year I become an iron woman I have picked an audacious (and some people think an even more ludicrous) goal.  This is after all the year of the big 40 I can’t let it pass without completing some epic feat mere mortals cringe at 😉

What is it? …

Well I will get onto that in the next blog post.  Let’s just say it involves doing something I actually enjoy(ish)  and shoes .. lots and lots of guilt free purchasing of shoes!

Till next time

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  1. Deborah says:

    Phew – first glance there and that pic looked like a pregnancy test!

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