5 More Sleeps

I have exactly 5 more sleeps until I am at the 12-week mark!

12 weeks marks the start line in my race towards Melbourne, March 2011 and strangely, I’m chomping at the bit to get back into it .. cut out all the crap food, up the cardio and go hard.  It will be nice to watch my waistline shrink again, it hasn’t been so nice watching it expand, but it has been fun doing the things that made it expand!


Nearly at the start line!

My life has been a little like living in the shoes of Tara from the United States of Tara, I never know which Julia I am going to wake up as .. the one that thinks, “Hey calm it down Julia, do you really want to have to burn off that muffin/chocolate/bourbon/burger” or the one that thinks “Well you cant have this ice cream/chips/bread/coke next week, so you best enjoy it now” from the tightness of my pants I can tell you that the “F**k It, eat now, pay later” Julia has won more than the “Less is best” Julia.


Uh oh

Anyway … I must admit I’ve had a load of fun lately … this past weekend I went out Friday and Saturday night and still manage to pull myself out of bed at stupid oclock to participate in Race One of the Albany Lakes series.   It wasn’t my finest hour, but I did it .. I got out of bed and did it .. so a half a thumbs up for me lol.  Lavinia rocked it though, she really is a running machine!


Looking a little worse for wear

Training has been great.  I can honestly say if you get the opportunity to train with a guy .. do it!  I’m lifting much heavier than I usually do because I trust “the boy” to ensure I get the weight back on the rack safely, also my gym is built for boys .. all the racks are too high for us mere mortal women, so it helps to have a guy to pick the bar up and hand it to you lol.  (He can also be pretty bossy when he wants, so I may have done a few more reps than I wanted too) 😉

So .. my comp prep starts next Monday.  The two gyms I belong to are having their Christmas bbqs next weekend, Club Physicals is on the Saturday and Wolfs Gym is on the Sunday, so I shall enjoy a sausage in white bread and down a coke (or two) because on Monday it’s all go go go!

Till next time

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4 Responses

  1. Holly says:

    Is the boy cute? LOL if he is can I borrow him!

  2. feminine fitness says:

    Haha, well he isn’t uneasy on the eye, but thats not really the point Holly lol 😉

  3. Donloree says:

    Woot! Here you come down the home stretch. I am going to need a chin up update shortly! 😉

  4. Jen says:

    Your gym is so set up for boys, and for girls looking at boys. I wish i lived out there, it’d be my favourite place! Am so with you in the ‘eat now pay later’ camp. My paying starts 27th December. Look forward to being inspired by your progress. xx

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