One more sleep baby!

1 more sleep till blast off!


Blast Off!

Melbourne is 12 weeks away from tomorrow.  Ive decided that from tomorrow, Im in contest mode.  I’ve had a couple of weeks off to indulge and now im ready to knuckle down and start leaning up!

So I will bite the bullet and get my measures done tomorrow (I bet there will be tears!) and take some photos (eek).  It will be a couple of weeks till I can get measures done again because Christmas and New Years fall on my check in days, but I will still take pics and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will see some changes.

Measure up time

Training with “the boy” is going well.  Sometimes I think he makes training too enjoyable, I spend a lot of time laughing (mostly with him, sometimes at .. ) 😉 but he has started becoming a little more bossier, so all in all that’s a good thing for me.

The pull up challenge shall start in earnest Jan 2011, I’m hoping dropping some weight will help lol.   Otherwise things are ticking along .. Christmas shopping is a cardio workout in itself, especially in this heat!

Im also currently working on my 11 things to do in 2011.  Ive got a few things on the list so look out at the start of January when the completed list will be posted.

Since I missed posting on Wednesday I’ve decided to combine Friday Faves and Wolf Whistle Wednesday .. a week is not complete without some eye candy!

How could you have a list of English Eye Candy without David Beckham.  Posh knew what she was doing when she snapped him up!

Next up we have the incredibly cute Jamie Oliver (and who could turn down a man that can cook!)

And finally (he’s going to kill me by the way) .. my ultimate in English Eye Candy 🙂




Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    So you’ve started on the 12 week journey then! Wow, here you go!! Can’t wait to see the progress; you’re sharing pictures right?!?! 🙂

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