Training to be good

Once upon a time I trained to look good.

I didn’t (really) give a toss about being healthy or fit, I just wanted to look good in clothes.

My training started way back in the day with aerobics (In fact so far back that I wore leotards over tights, leg warmers and reebok pumps!). Then I went through my phase of spending way too much time in the cardio room on the cross trainer till finally with the help of a personal trainer I graduated to cardio AND lifting weights (on the main floor I might add, with the boys. I was way too epic for the womens only section).

Then shit got serious and I wanted not only to look good in clothes I wanted to look good in a bikini! I’d start each morning (far too early) stepping naked on the scales (because its TOTALLY more accurate like that) and I’d submit myself to weekly check in’s with a trainer or nutritionist (and at times both) to have my fat grabbed, body measured and nutrition diary examined.

Oh how times have changed ..

Sure I’d still prefer to look good naked but it’s been months since I stood on a scale. When people ask what I weigh I look at them blankly because I honestly have no idea because what I weigh has become irrelevant to me. At this point in time I don’t need a set of scales, a weekly photograph showing all angles or even a mirror for affirmation. My performance both in and out of the gym is all the proof I require, what I look like has become somewhat unimportant.

I find there are days I literally have to stop myself from “frowning” upon the beautiful people doing bicep curls in front of a mirror or querying why someone doesn’t just eat real dessert instead of a protein powder concoction that they claim is “just like the real thing”

It’s apparent (to me) that a person does not eat dessert on a regular basis if they honestly believe that protein powder mixed up with some protein bar and weight watchers jelly is just like eating the real thing. 😉

In fact these days I wonder why people even eat protein bars – and that comes from someone who would eat 5 a day if my trainer would let me get away with it!

Like I said times have changed ..

These days although my goals are not appearance orientated it doesn’t mean that I’m not in awe of those whose goal it is, especially since I know what it takes to look “like that”, just like I don’t understand peoples desire to run long distances just for the sheer joy of it (is there even such a thing??) yet I still remain impressed by people who can do it for hours (and miles) on end, heck if I’m completely honest I’m in awe of anyone that can run without stopping regardless of the distance. That WILL be me someday!

I guess I’m not what the general population regards as a sterotypical crossfitter who thinks that crossfit is the be all and end all. I actually cringe when I read blogs that exclaim how crossfit saved their lives and without it they would have nothing therefore everyone in the entire world should head down to the local box and sign up.

Some people live and breathe crossfit but for me it’s something that at this point in time, I enjoy and therefore I do. I have lived far too long to think that I will never find another sport that I will try, enjoy and want to excel in and believe you me, if (or more likely) when I find it, you’ll hear all about my exploits. 😉

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