The anti bucket list

I saw this great idea on the Wine to Weightlifting blog that I just happened upon whilst surfing the web. It’s a fitness bucket list which simply put is a list of fitness orientated stuff that you want to accomplish (one day).

I liked the idea enough to “rip it off” and I’ve started my own fitness list. I do have another list where all the BIG audacious stuff I want to accomplish goes.

You know the all the things that don’t necessarily involve running, jumping or pulling oneself up and over a bar, that is my bucket list of life  and I’ve been working on (and adding to the list) for a few years now.

But today I thought I’d share my anti-bucket list with you.

Anti-bucket list you say? Yes! My anti-bucket list contains those things that you don’t ever want to happen – ever!

Here are my top 5 (after the death of a child, the zombie apocalypse and getting a perm.)

Voluntarily purchasing and wearing roman sandals

Unless you are 5 and are wearing them with along with your over sized school uniform they are just don’t look good. Honestly? Not even Milo from Pompeii makes roman sandals look great, I’m guessing that’s why his chest is on show so often, so you don’t look down at his feet.

Read 50 Shades of Grey

I’m not a huge fiction reader. I tend to stick to books like Become a Supple Leopard and The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding but 50 Shades just sounds ewwwww to me (frigid much?)

And unless Channing Tatum is in the movie (I even watched The Eagle just for Channing and that’s saying something) I won’t be watching 50 shades on the big (or little) screen either.

Speaking of movies …

Watch the movie Titanic

Let me save 3.5 hours of your life that you will never get back. The boat sinks AND Jack dies ..

To make it worse it’s been proven that Jack didn’t have to die. 3.5 hours of sitting through a sinking vessel knowing the gaping hole in the plot.

Select Jelly for dessert

So many delicious desserts in the world and someone invented jelly? .. WTF!

“Get” Kristen Stewart

Honestly? The entire time I watched Snow White and the Huntsman I was wondering what is Bella doing in this movie and if I have to watch Bella will Jacob be in the next scene? AND more importantly will he be shirtless ..??

Yes there seems to be a theme of shirtless men today and yet another photo of me with dessert type food, also not a surprise occurrence around here.

Oh and if you are wondering because OBVIOUSLY you are .. yes I ran today.

Till next time





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