Goals – The Bucket List of Life

This list will be ever expanding .. hopefully many things will be crossed off over time!

At one stage my fitness orientated goals (run 5k’s, do a pull up etc) were also contained on this list however I’ve since separated the lists and my fitness goals can be found on

The Fitness Bucket List.

The goals contained in this list are more of the “go forth and live a great life” type ventures!

Got you thinking about what you want out of life? ..

Why don’t you get started on your own list .. or just go out and kick the arse out of life!

  • Attempt surfing January 2011
  • Catch a fish December 2012
  • Complete the Warrior Dash/Spartan Race April 2013
  • Complete the Tough Mudder October 2012
  • Fly in a hot air balloon
  • Build a snowman (complete with carrot nose)

  1. Go to the Reading Festival (UK)
  2. Go to the Wild Food Festival (Hokitika, New Zealand)
  3. Go to the Olympia Weekend
  4. See a stage show in Vegas
  5. See Eminem in concert (Saw him December 2011 Sydney, Australia)

  1. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
  2. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  3. Swim in the Indian Ocean
  4. Visit the Ta Prohm Temple (Angkor, Cambodia)
  5. Drink a Guinness in Ireland
  6. Take a cruise
  7. Have a devonshire tea in Devon
  8. See the leaning tower of Pisa
  9. Train at Golds Gym, Venice Beach
  10. Visit Asia
  11. Go to Disneyland (LA) May 2011
  12. Go to Disneyworld (Florida)
  13. Go to Disneyland (Paris)
  14. Go to Disneyland (Hong Kong)
  15. Go to Disneyland (Tokyo)
  16. Have a white christmas

  1. Learn how to make my mothers steam pudding
  2. Try a churro (Completed June 2011)

(I’m still thinking) 😉


Till next time





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