Loving the hate

There was a time in my life (a really really long time) that I hated vegetables with the exception of carrots, corn and potatoes.

Honestly, you won’t believe this BUT once upon a time I hated Kumara – kumara!

Who in their right minds hates kumara?

My kids don’t like kumara either, but my kids also hate potatoes, Elias won’t even touch potato chips!  They must get that from their english side because believe you me, you would be hard pressed to find a Maori that doesn’t like potatoes!

Anyhoo I digress (as I often do) especially considering this post doesn’t have anything to do with vegetables 😉

This morning I did two things I hate .. Squats AND Running

Yes!  I voluntarily ran, outside, in a public place.  Which I guess would come in handy if I had a heart attack whilst running, surely one of the many boot campers or recreational runners knows CPR.  I’m also pretty sure Coach G did a double take then nearly fainted as he crossed the park and saw me “running” that’s how rare an event Julia impersonating a runner is these days.

I’ve never been one of those people who love to run, even when I ran regularly it wasn’t something that I enjoyed, it was just something I did.  I just don’t think I have that “running gene” in fact for me running has always been a means to an end.

That end?  Well it’s usually been full of sugar and eaten after a burger .. 😉

These days?

I’m now a bonefide crossfitter, and as such we apparently “like” to do things we suck at more often than the things we rock at (stupid concept if you ask me) but then again it’s lucky we don’t all listen to me because if we did I’d still REALLY suck at squats but since I’ve been regularly squatting I now suck a whole lot less then before!

In fact I’m in Week 4 of my second cycle of Wendlers 5/3/1 strength training program.  Week 4 is de-load week where you lift lighter (60% of 1RM 5×5, 65%5×5 and finally 70% 5×5) to give your body a bit of a break.  Wendler states in his book “I highly recommend using a deload every fourth week, because it allows your body and mind to rest. You’re not going to get weaker. If you do, it’s all in your mind.”

But here is the thing – today my last set of 5×5 I was lifting what only 3 weeks ago was my singles from week 3 which in non techie terms means I’m hella stronger than I used to be!  #booya!

In theory if I stick at this “running” thing consistently in three weeks I may not look like I am about to drop dead any minute.   I’m going to be honest and confess it’s going to take some willpower to keep consistent BUT Tuesday and Thursday mornings I will run.

I just won’t be running in what I wore today – Mr Nike in case you happen to be reading, ALL in built tights should have leg grippers, otherwise your tights are completely pointless and I may as well just flash my knickers whilst running around the park in your so called “running skirt”.

Anyway there it is – out in internet land for all the world to see – I will run REGULARLY in a forward direction at least two days a week – promise ..

However I just want to put my “Mum” hat on for just a minute and say that if for some reason you are on fire .. don’t run!


Till next time




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