The Crossfit Open – What I Wish I Knew

This will be my last post on The Crossfit Open for 2014.

(I’ll let that loud sigh of relief from you all die down before I carry on) ..

Although I was initially against officially participating in The Open, my “fear of missing out” go the better of me and I forked over $20 USD to Crossfit HQ to get a little piece of the apple pie (apple pie is American right?)

Anyhoo as I mentioned at I was totally against it, I succumbed to its charms and promise of a good time, then quickly fell under it’s spell. I will admit the experience is definitely intoxicating!

James and I both had a great time participating in The Open, we’ve had our little rivalries going, we’ve both performed far beyond what we expected and it’s been nice change to do something (outside of our home) together – although he still doesn’t listen to me when I yell at him to pick something off the floor .. 😉

There are however things I wish I had known before hand, so for all of you out there who are yet to succumb to the charms of The Crossfit Open here is what you need to know before you sign on the (virtual) dotted line;

1. Learn how to skip

Learning how to skip is so important it come in at No.1. It’s no secret that all Crossfitters want to learn the “flashy” stuff – handstands and pistols. But those skills are totally useless when it comes to The Open (although they do look good). If you remember nothing else from this post, let it be “I must learn how to skip”.

2. Life doesn’t have to stop

Most of us mere mortals have a greater chance of winning Lotto than making it to the Regionals so life does indeed (and should) carry on. I continued to train as per my normal schedule, in fact I did a heavy deadlift session the morning they announced 14.3 (the deadlift/box jump ladder) and it wasn’t detrimental to the outcome. If we all stopped training hard “just in case” you’d lose an entire 5 week period of growth.

3. A little competition is good

You will lift it because you have no choice and you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do.

4. It will provide you with focus

You’ll do things you hate (wall balls anyone?) because you sucked at them and next year they’ll be “your bit*h”.

5. You will make yourself proud

At the end of every single WOD you’ll be proud. You may not get a great score, heck you may complete hash of it (like I did in 14.1) but you WILL have some kind of PB. Stringing a few double unders together, getting through the T2Bs, lifting more than you’ve ever lifted before. Each and every time I guarantee you’ll find your glass half full moment.

6. You’ll get your Arnold on

And you will be back! In fact you’ll probably start strategising as soon as you complete 15.5.

See you on the leaderboard ..





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