The 3 things I can’t run without

I used to have a LONG list of things that I just couldn’t run without – music, sunglasses, hat, garmin, carbs .. 😉

However after having to “suck it up” the numerous times I’d forget one of my “essentials” and running anyway (without dying I might add), I now realise that I actually NEED very little.

BUT (after some thought) here are the three things I couldn’t run without .. ever ….

1. A hair tie

I can’t for the life of me fathom running with my hair down, blowing every which way – I’d quite literally rather use a rubber band to keep my hair back (and girls you know how shit that would be), than run with my hair out.

2. A sports bra

I have boobs, enough said really …

3. Running shoes

I also find that trail shoes are much more convenient to have in the car (as a just in case) as they cope much better on the road than my road shoes cope on the trails.

And that’s it!

Obviously I’d also require clothing, but that goes without saying – no one wants to see naked people running .. 😉

What do you think your 3 things would be?

Till next time





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  1. Kel says:

    Definitely a sports bra, that would be the only must need. I can run in high heels if needs be, but if the ladies are falling all over the place, it just ruins it.

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