Whats SUP?

OK so it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been a “bad blogger” lately ..

I’m perfectly honest (which I always am on this blog) I just haven’t had anything to say lately that I thought would be of any interest to you all.

There has been one topic that I have wanted to discuss on numerous occasions, but I’ve been unable to articulate my thoughts clearly and as such it’s just been simmering in the back burner of my mind and for now it’s still there.

However I’m going to make a concerted effort to get back into writing regularly, especially after J exclaimed “Gosh! You haven’t blogged in ages!”  I guess it’s his way of finding out what his wife gets up to when she’s not at home 😉

In an effort to get a blog post out of my head and onto “paper” I used a blog generator  for the very first time today.  It was as simple as entering 3 keywords (yoga, SUP and boot camp) and having the generator propose a week’s worth of blog topics for me to select from.  As my 3 keywords were activities that I do on a near daily basis I gave myself the greatest chance of having an affinity with at least one of the topics provided.

I went with ….

SUP is an acronym for stand up paddle boarding which is one of the fastest growing water sports of this decade.  SUP uses a surf style board and a paddle to maneuver on water and although it started out as a surfers sport,  standup paddling can now be done in a variety of forms such as on flat water paddling, open water paddling, racing, surfing or even SUP Yoga, which is how I got my first taste of stand up paddling.

I’m not sure if I’ve even told you all that I now own a SUP*, it was one of those “typically Julia” moments, after trying out a SUP Yoga fundraiser class for the Paddle for Hope charity I immediately knew that this was an activity that I’d love to do regularly so I researched boards that would be suitable to both potter about on the water and bust out some yoga moves and found a second hand board that was in my price range – although my shopping trip to Melbourne then became a walk around and do yoga poses in front of arty things because I had spent nearly my entire shopping budget on my new toy.

Why I love SUP

Its a water sport – I’m a water baby, I love the water and SUP allows you to get as close to the water as you can get, without getting wet (if you don’t want too).

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – In fact its easier!  I got an entire 1 minute lesson on how to stand and paddle because the rest of the group who had turned up to the Paddle for Hope event had paddled before and although my paddling left something to be desired I managed to get from point A to point B without falling off.

It can be whatever you want it to be – If you want to race, you can (I don’t).  If you want to tour the countries rivers or lakes, you can do that too and  if (like me) you want to lie down and sunbathe in the middle of the ocean then grab a board and some sunscreen and go for it.

Why you should love SUP too

Well if the above reasons aren’t enough how about the fact that it’s something the entire family (including the dog) can enjoy, I can’t wait to get the kids out on the water!

Till next time





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