Bootcamps and burpees

Boot camps;

I’ll openly admit I’ve never been a fan of boot camps, in the past I’ve always looked pityingly at boot campers and wondered why they just didn’t go to train at Ludus because it’s basically the same, but WITH the added bonus of a roof to keep the rain off you. So it goes without saying that even I was surprised that I signed up for a month long boot camp.

In my defense there were mitigating circumstances – I was/am carrying an injury that prevents me from lifting at my full capacity (in fact I was instructed only to lift at 40% of my 1RM), so when an advertisement popped up on my Facebook newsfeed about the Ludus bootcamp (which would be all bodyweight exercises) it seemed somewhat fortuitous and I signed up.

We train Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before the sun comes up and today marked the end of my second week as a boot camp participant and astonishingly even though we run to warm up, run during the WOD/s and then do yet more running to cool down I’m loving it (well except when I’m running, the only part I like about running is when I’ve finished it and can move onto the burpees).

Incidentally, burpees are still my bitch and even though they tend to be known as a crossfit staple I actually decreased the amount of burpees I did on a regular basis when I became an actual bone fide crossfitter … go figure.

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