Living, loving and there is even some laughing.

It’s Friday and this week has been a good one!

I think I’ve finally found “my groove” and I’m living life again, not just existing day by day waiting for the days to end so I can get to a “finish line” to then just start all over again.

My training may be less in quantity (oh and as a side note, its still strange to train once a day) but it’s still hardcore and what’s more its fun.

As the sign says “Do what you love and do it often” (Joe would add – “And do it well”).

We’ve had some great sessions at Ludus this week. I think my favorite was Thursday morning. We split into teams warmed up with some games then had a team v team competition .. great fun (except for the hill sprinting carrying a huge rope especially since my team were fit and runners) 😉

To round off my week I’ve got one more weight session a Saturday thrashing at Ludus and a RWC game to attend (NZ v France) all in between cuddling a chicken pox infested Issy (although she is being very stoic, bless her).

My new food plan is going well.  I’m getting hungry exactly when its time to have my next meal so I guess it’s just right.  I haven’t had any REAL cravings, occasionally I look at a biscuit or something and think “oh that would be nice” but I haven’t had an overwhelming desire to devour it (or an entire packet).

Oh and this is how BAD I want to succeed in “Operation Top Secret” I haven’t had a coke zero since I started the plan and I’m eating vegies .. yep vegies 😉 LOL.

And on the subject of food if you watch this clip from the TV show 20/20 on Radical Dieting you will see my Miss Jo and her partner Bee.   One question it raises though … when did smallish portions and high protein become so radical??

Oh and heads up, you may want to skip the part where the man drinks his wee wee *ewwwwwwwww*

Till next time

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  1. Deborah says:

    I saw the promo and wondered if that was your friend but missed the rest. Will watch it now. Radical i suppose to some now is not having dessert after most meals!

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