Sausage Dog

Dachshunds, which are more commonly known as Sausage Dogs may be extremely cute, but it isnt so cute when you feel like one!


I feel like a sausage dog!

Leading up to the beach photo shoot, I ate really cleanly with the odd treat here and there in an attempt to look ok in a bikini.  I had always planned to “enjoy” myself after the photo shoot as I knew I only had a couple of weeks before I had to start my competition prep.

Straight after the photographers called it a wrap James and I headed to my favorite place to eat .. Burger Fuel (I am a woman of simple means) lol.  The next day was Jo’s 50th birthday celebrations, so I partook in bubbles, shots and cocktails and to ward off any alcohol induced “problems” I lined my tummy with bread, crackers and other such scrumptious items.


It was all in the name of self preservation .. honest 😉

So far .. so good … I was a little more full figured, but feeling ok.  However Monday and Tuesday were spent snacking on processed foods and crashing in the afternoon (literally), so Ive learnt my lesson .. my body doesn’t work well with a load of carbs as fuel, all it wants to do is lie down and sleep and thankfully today after eating “normally” I feel much better and Ive actually accomplished a load of work!  Yay me!  😉   Could someone just remind me of that fact I work better without a load of carbs in about six weeks when Im complaining because im on a carb restricted diet 😉


Point me to the post when I complain

Training has been pretty good considering Ive been setting my alarm to wake up after my carb induced comas.  Have been working out with “the boy” which was handy on back day when it came to do pull ups .. its always handy to have a strong man on hand to hoist you up.

Lavinia and I are still meeting up for cardio at stupid oclock and her progress has been rockin!  Melbourne watch out!

So, I have a week and a half before the competition diet kicks in.  Just in time for Christmas, I wonder if Mum will make me steam pudding the week before so I don’t miss out … I’ll let you know what she says. 😉

On a brighter note its ..

This is Ollie .. he is taken (but honestly, how could he not be)!  This is Jamie Eason’s boyfriend .. now that is one smoking hot couple!

Till next time

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