The Fantastic Beasts 5k

This is the first year that I’ve signed up to participate in the Hogwarts Running Club virtual races.

Each year they hold 6 medal events that have mileage attached to them (aka races) and an annual challenge medal event.

The challenge medal is for members who register for at least three of the six events in a given year.  There is no distance associated with the Challenge Medal as it’s designed to celebrate your year of accomplishment.  However, from what I can gather from the other “students” in our common room, each house usually attaches their own mileage based challenge for those signing up for the challenge medal. Last year the Hufflepuffs (of which I am one) challenged it’s members to complete 100 miles in a one month period, apparently this year that isn’t  anywhere near “bad arse” enough ..

We are badgers after all AND badgers who are currently leading the House Cup Competition! Griffinwho? … 😉

Last week (on what is fast becoming my go to race surface, Cutty Grass Track) I earned my fifth medal of the year

The Fantastic Beasts 5k!

The medal is Newt Scamander’s magical suitcase and is actually TWO medals with a hinge so the medal can open and close! When open, the medal is 3″ x 5″! And the beautiful sublimated ribbon is a mash-up of the US Stars & Stripes and the British Union Jack to celebrate Newt’s adventures finding fantastic beasts in America!

While some beasts are fantastic…others are not. Your participation will support the End7 campaign to rid the developing world of the seven most common parasitic diseases and end the suffering of over a half a billion suffering children. With your help, we are going to target these parasitic “beasts” in at least three post-Ebola countries in West Africa. (Source)

5 kilometers has fast become somewhat of a “waste of time” – weird huh? I used to see it as such an accomplishment, now I don’t think it’s far enough … ?!?! Who am I?!?!

Anyway usually I do a normal 7,8 or 10k run and just use that to earn the 5k medal but I wanted to earn this medal properly so although it was hard (because it meant that I had to turn around prior to the end of the track) I did it! And what was even better (for me) is that I ran it – no photo stops en route and minimal walking stops, in fact I ran this on a day where I was unsure where to run or even if I wanted too – so using this run to earn a medal was just the incentive I needed.

The next event is the Hogwarts 9 3/4 k which has become an annual event on the Hogwarts Running Club Calendar – this being the third year.  Registration is still open – let me know if you want to come and run (or walk) it with me!

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