Goodfellow Track – Cascade Kauri Regional Park (Closed due to Kauri Die Back)

Tramping Track – From Old Coach Road Track, track leads to kauri covered spur with views of Auckland, then descends around bluffs and continues across two small streams to Fairy Falls Track a short distance above the falls. 1 km, 30 minutes. (Source).

The Old Coach Road Track links the Fairy Falls track with the Old Coach Road track and is often used a link to make a shorter loop, as such I’ve traversed it on numerous occasions and even though it’s only short it’s by far and away one of my favorite tracks within the Cascade Kauri Regional Park.


Well a myriad of reasons including that the track is well formed and the surface underfoot is relatively mud free allowing you the opportunity to run freely and even in the middle of winter I’ve found that the 2 water crossings are small/shallow enough to get across without getting your feet wet.

But for the most part it’s my favorite because throughout the entire 1km it’s just simply breathtakingly beautiful! You’ll encounter everything from dark enclosed forest sections to traversing along the side of the mountain with wide open views across the valley. It’s also just gnarly enough to make you feel more like an adventurer than some of the other tracks in the area.

If you do (and I really hope you will) take the time to run/walk/hike the Goodfellow Track, my favorite section of the entire 1km is the lead up to and away from the second water crossing (if you are coming from Old Coach Road), the path seemlessly blends into natural formed rock “steps” and the entire rock wall to your side is covered in moss, then if you look across the water to the other side the steps leading away are so picturesque – it’s one of those places special little places you just have to see ..

For the planners amongst you here are the finer points ..

Parking? – Yep! As you will need to traverse either Fairy Falls or Old Coach Road Track to get to Goodfellow, you can park at either end of those tracks. The bigger car park is on Scenic Drive and there is a smaller car park on Mountain Road (both are sign posted as Fairy Falls car park).

Toilets? – Yep! On the Fairy Falls Track at the Scenic Road end before you get to the shoe cleaning station.

Kid Friendly? Hmmm – possibly, I’d probably take Isabelle (8) but not Elias (7) more due to the fact that he’s excitable and likely to fall off the side of the mountain as he’s too busy looking at other stuff to notice the edge … 😉

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