Why I’m never sans phone

My running has been pretty sketchy since the Coatesville Half Marathon because in short because my knees are shite and the last time I tried to run a reasonable distance they once again got their grump on.   As such, I’ve been trying to baby them, because well you know, they need to last me for quite some time ..

Today was the first time since “that 13k” that I’ve attempted to run anything over 5k.    I was planning on taking it conservatively with enforced walk periods and I selected a hillier route than normal which would ensure that my pace slowed considerably.

I also decided it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new hydration system because I’d be out for a reasonable length of time but not so long that if I hated the thing that I’d have to put up with it for hours on end.   Prior to this I’d done most of my running along the waterfront because there are water fountains, toilets and even shops along the way, however a hydration system will allow me to go further afield and off the beaten track.

(It also makes me feel like I’m a cast member in the Amazing Race) lololololol

Anyway I digress – I had planned out a 8k(ish) route but for some unknown reason I decided that instead of turning right and following the plan, I’d continue straight ahead and “wing it”.  It’s not like I didn’t entirely know where I was going – or so I thought ..

Reason No. 8562 why I never run without my phone = Google Map to the rescue!  (A number of times)

I guarantee if you saw me out on the road today (and I would have been hard to miss with my super bright hydration pack) – I would have been standing on the side of the road looking from my phone screen to my surroundings with a confused look on my face.  At one point I thought I had it sussed, put my phone back in the pocket of my pack and set off, only to check the map again five minutes later to realise I’d been traveling in the complete opposite direction to what I had thought. Argh! Oh well, what’s a few extra blocks between friends? 😉

At least I was dressed appropriately for an adventure unfortunately my knees weren’t ready for the excitement of it all because by the 7k mark they’d had enough. I walked a kilometer (more so because the first section was a steep uphill followed by a steep downhill (and the downhill hurt to run). At the 8k mark I considered stopping my Garmin because the last couple of kilometers were going to be hard going, but instead I thought;

“f**k it! Just leave it running till you get back to work, what does it matter if you’re slow – you are a mother f**cking adventurer!”

Although not a very stealthy one .. does anyone know how to stop the constant sloshing noise of the water? Maybe I’ll start wearing headphones again ..

Till next time





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