I don’t always talk about crossfit

It’s Open Season (of the crossfit kind, not the shoot all the ducks kind), and as such there is a myriad of online chatter about Crossfit.

Friday afternoon (NZ time) 14.1 (the first WOD for this years Crossfit Open) was announced. Shortly thereafter the first round of “how to tackle 14.1” posts were published ..

Incidentally the funniest piece of advice I saw was “Rest on the Double Unders”, it reminded me of the time I was doing an AMRAP and Joe yelled out – come on Julz you can rest on the run!

Rest and run, one of these things is not like the other? ..

Anyway I digress .. 14.1

Subsequent to the announcement and how to posts came the athlete posts. You had those who had completed it, those that were completing for a 2nd or even 3rd time, those who were yet to complete it and even those who were already predicting what 14.2 would be.

So I understand the sudden flourish of “anti crossfit” banter .. (some of it even makes me giggle and think touche’)

It does seem that EVERY photo online this week has been of welts on legs, arms and arses or someone random persons snatch and I’m guessing every second post you see as you scroll through your newsfeed at the moment has something to do with crossfit, which can be a right P.I.T.A if you don’t do crossfit.

You know, I would talk about something else, for example rugby.  According to the men in my life who know stuff about rugby I know more about the game than I realise. My skills even go so far as being able to tell what position a person plays from their body type.

But honestly?

I’m either too busy prepping my paleo meals for the week or going to bed early because

A) I’m knackered from today’s WOD and
B) Have to get up early for tomorrows WOD.

Ahhh let the games begin .. oh wait they did, last Friday.



PS – Next time someone has a dig at you for posting the 500th photo of the WOD board post this 😉

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