Happy 2016!

For the past three years instead of making New Years Resolutions I’ve chosen “one word” that summed up who I wanted to be or how you wanted to live for that year.

The very first word I chose (for 2012) was Gratitude.  The next year (2013) was dedicated to finding “balance” and last year my word was presence (which I somewhat managed, but I noticed by the end of the year I was back to trying to multi-task way too often).

This year I found selecting “one word” much harder.  I thought about selecting “happiness” which would have allowed me to complete another 365 day photo challenge, BUT I already spend time each day reminding myself about all the things that bring joy to my life, so that would have been defeating the point of the exercise.  So I mulled it over and settled on the word;


  1. to receive willingly

  2. to give admittance or approval to

  3. to endure without protest or reaction

  4. to make a favorable response to

This year I will accept more offers and/or challenges

I’m such a homebody and I’ll often turn down invitations because “it’s all too hard” (especially with the kids) but this year I’ll make a concerted effort to say yes, mean it AND turn up (unless you know, someone in my house actually has a medical emergency OR my car breaks down).

Settling on accept as my one word for the year seemed somewhat fortuitous when out of the blue, my friend Amy asked if James and I wanted to be a part of her Taupo Great Lake Relay team in February and although I’m not a runner, don’t know anyone else in the team apart from Amy (and checking I wouldn’t have to run in the middle of the night by myself) I said yes.

This year I will accept, people kind of expect me to do burpees

I know I hummed and harred about doing some kind of burpee challenge this year, but I caved.

Although I did want to do some type of burpee challenge, I didn’t want it to be too hard (that it would take ages) or too complicated that I’d lose count. I needed something that was quick to complete, edit and upload, so in the end I went with 16 burpees everyday in 2016.

16 is a great number – it’s a small enough number to get through most burpee variations unbroken which should keep the videos short allowing me to do everything from my phone. #bonus

This year I will accept things probably won’t change

Every week James does the grocery shopping and I ask for the exact same things (2 staple items and another 2-3 that only need replacing every few weeks) and every single week James will forget at least two items (even on the days I only ask for two). LOLOLOL

This year I’ll make a concerted effort not to huff and puff then storm off to the supermarket, every single grocery shopping day …

I’ll expect better, but I’ll accept that he’s a pretty old dog to be changing his ways now .. 😉

This year I will accept my limitations

Both personally and physically.

This year I will speak up when my workload is overwhelming and I’ll accept that physically I am not as capable now as I was then.  Thankfully getting fitter, faster and stronger isn’t necessarily about training harder.  I just need to remember that allowing my body the time to recover and spending time mobilising are just as (it not even more) important to reaching the finish line of whatever event I choose to take on.

This year all gifts will be gratefully received

Just saying … 😉

Whatever it is that you have decided you want to achieve in 2016 I wish for your path to be rocky, for it’s the hard parts of your journey that make the end point worth it!

Till next time





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