Challenge “Accepted”

I’ve been running consistently for a couple of months now with no real end goal other than trying to run;

  1. Without constantly stopping and perhaps more importantly
  2. Not dying

Number 1 is still a little hit and miss, especially if there is a big arse hill involved, like there was on this mornings outing but so far so good on number 2.

Although I have no aspirations to be a fast runner I would like to be able to “go long” so I’ve been toying with the idea of completing a half marathon event prior to the Sydney Half Marathon in September that I’m going to do with my little (in the most literal sense these days!) brother.

I’ve even gone as far as looking at half marathon training programs, unfortunately most training programs want you to run anywhere between 4-6 times per week and although I’m somewhat enjoying running, I honestly don’t think I’d like it anywhere near as much if I “had” to run everyday and honestly, I don’t think my knees would handle that kind of mileage these days.

And then I came across Hal Higdon’s training programs through Running World, which only required that I run three times a week ..

“If you can handle a 4 mile (6.44km) run at the end of Week 1, I’ll get you to the finish line of a half marathon at the end of week 12.”

OK then Mr Higdon – I’ll accept your challenge!

Today I completed week one and I “handled” a 4 mile run/shuffle (thanks to that aforementioned big arse hill) so technically in 11 more weeks I’ll be able to complete a half marathon that I have yet to decide on or enter lololol.

I guess I should get onto that ..

Till next time





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