2016 Burpee Challenge


After successfully completing the #handstandaday challenge in 2015 I was at a loss as to what challenge I’d aim for in 2016.

Then my friend Amit reminded me that I was “Burpees for Life” so therefore it would be remiss not to do something involving burpees. At first I wasn’t keen, I mean yes, I prefer burpees over say, running, swimming, box jumping, skipping or eating vegies BUT capturing burpees to share via social networking isn’t as easy as busting out a handstand and photographing it.

After some thought I settled on doing 16 burpees a day for 365 days.

16 is a small enough number where I’d be able to do most variations unbroken which would keep the videos short allowing me to film, edit and post only using my phone (yay) as although my 100 day burpees challenge videos are cool, they were all done by transferring files to a desktop and editing and there is no way I’m going to have time to do that every single day for an entire year – I’ve got goals to crush!

So it was settled! 16 burpees for 365 days = 5840 burpees BUT then I found out that 2016 is a leap year so there are in fact 366 days this year ..

Oh well, whats 16 more burpees between friends.

To keep things as simple as possible I’m going to upload the videos daily to the Facebook page, so if you don’t already “like” the page I suggest you get on to that. They will also be available on my You Tube channel.

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