Putting my money where my mouth is

The other day I told you how I’ve accepted Hal Higdon’s challenge of being able to run a half marathon in just under 11 weeks from now, because I had successfully completed the 4 mile (6.44k) run that was programmed for the end of week 1.

Even though it was far from easy, Mr Higdon stated;

“If you can handle a 4-mile run (or walk) at the end of Week 1, I’ll get you to the finish line of a half marathon at the end of Week 12”

No where did he say “if you can easily complete a 4-mile run”

So it’s only fair that I hold up my end of the bargain and select where I shall die a brutal death an event.  H Day (because D Day sounds far too ominous) is the weekend of the 19-20 March 2016 and the New Zealand running calendar has the following events listed.

Bombay Pioneer Settlers Fun Run

They used the word fun, they must be nutters .. event crossed off the list immediately.

Partners Life Dual –

This half marathon traverses the islands of Motutapu and Rangitoto in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf and is actually an event I’d like to do.  However, after this mornings 3k effort through a mostly flat trail this would be something I’d attempt in the far distant future, when I’m closer to being an actual runner. 😉

So that left me with ..

The Coatesville Classic or the Huntly Half Marathon

Both events have pro’s and con’s – Coatesville is close to home (pro) but has hills, a LOT of hills (con), whereas Huntly is flat (pro) but is further away (con).  Coatesville does have a sentimental “pull” as it’s the same course that James did his first ever half marathon on, but then again, the Huntly course is flat. 😉

In the end the decision was simple.  One event still had it’s early bird pricing available and the other didn’t which made one event $15.00 cheaper than the other ..

I’m going to earn myself one of these!

And before you ask, yes I have actually officially entered – I’m number 260 and James is number 261.  Yep even James’ is getting in on the action!

Till next time





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