Age has no limits

I went and watched my first ever crossfit comp on Saturday ..

Well actually I popped my head into a crossfit comp while I was in Wellington few weeks back but this is the first time I actually “watched” and supported people I know.

The competition was just for Masters – cool huh .. a special competition just for old peeps! (And yes I am old and no I was not entered) ..

Anyway I got up at stupid oclock to get my training out of the way and then I headed across to the venue thanks to the lovely American lady on Google Maps who directed me.

Her accent tripped me up a couple of times – but “we” got there in the end. I got there in time to see the last couple of rounds of the RX men doing WOD1 which was ok as the WOD I really wanted to see was the clean ladder and that was coming up next.

I scored a front row posse (yay) and the women came onto the floor first and one of the girls from our gym was leading the way. Suzanne is awesome before I knew her name I used to call her “that fit little lady with the shoulders” – Suz is much quicker to get out when you are cheering though so thankfully I had her named sussed.

It was mega exciting to watch and as the athletes got further and further up the ladder it got nail biting! Quite a few of the women managed to clear the ladder. When the big boys came out shit got serious .. nearly all failed on ladder two and I think there were four or five that made it onto the last row – and none cleared it completely – that shit was heavy!

I couldn’t stay till the end as I had to leave and pick up Issy from her Pippens sleep over but all in all I had a great day. It was so inspiring to watch athletes of all shapes and sizes get out on the floor and get it done ..

In two weeks that will be me – eeek! At least I’ll have a partner to hold my hand 😉

Till next time

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