On the home stretch

Two more sleeps till stage day!

Today marked the first day of my “holiday”, the last day of training and the first day I got to eat some carbs .. hallelujah!  (I love my trainer) 😉

Training was hard .. even though it was super light.  I was depleted in both body and mind.  Thankfully Miss Jo was kind to me and I didn’t die and to celebrate I was allowed to eat rice cakes!  (Did I mention I love my trainer?).



Today was dedicated to getting all those things done that need to be done before a show done.  Usually these things would be done on the Friday, but since I’m traveling to another city it means all the things you usually do on the Friday have to be done earlier *eek*.

So I got manicured, pedicured and tanned.  I shopped for food (with Isabelle, so an hour long trip, took double the time) and boots.  The boots weren’t really needed, but the jeans I can fit at the moment are too long, so I needed something with heels and they were a bargain Number 1 shoe house jobs, so I can’t complain about that!

All in all, I’m knackered 😉

Tonight I need to touch up my tan (I forgot to bend over so I have white lines where my bottom cheeks overhang) and organise my bags that way I don’t have to think about anything tomorrow .. I can just put my feet up for a little bit and hang out with the kids before I leave for the weeekend.

I will try my hardest to update while I am away, even if it’s just the Facebook page.  So if you haven’t “liked” my Facebook page yet .. I think you better get onto that! 😉

I will leave you with some photos from today (pre carbs and tan – although I guess you can tell I’m not tanned)

Till next time (wish me luck!)

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5 Responses

  1. Becks says:

    I love those socks!!!!

    Best of luck for Saturday, hope to hear how you went super fast.

  2. Tracy H says:

    You look great! Don’t forget to enjoy your day, good luck!

  3. Mrs Scoble says:

    Good Luck, you look Amaaazzzzinnnnggg!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vic Fitz says:

    Good luck – all your hard work will pay off I am sure. I have enjoyed hearing about your preparations.

  5. Good luck! You look fab.

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