It’s time to pull it together, one more sleep!

It’s make it or break it time.

One more sleep to pull everything together.  The plan for the day was to travel and eat, pretty basic really 😉

I woke up pretty early with butterflies.  I ate and then rushed out to the hairdressers so that they could wash and dry my hair because I couldn’t have a shower because of the tan.

When I got home I ate (this will become a common occurrence throughout this post) and then I packed my bag and then I repacked my bag another three times just to ensure I had everything I needed!

I then gave the kidlets GINORMOUS hugs and left them with my Dad while James and I went to pick up Miss Jo and head to the airport.  Once Jo and I had checked in we went to the food hall so she could get some sushi.  We found some of our friends there.  The flight they were booked on was delayed four hours!  I gave a quiet thank you to the lord above for that not being me, because I didn’t have enough food packed in my carry on bag to last me that long.

Both Jo and I slept on the flight and her sister Tess picked us up from the aiport and took us to our “home away from home”

I just want to say the hotel was lovely!  The beds were comfy, the towels were amazing, it had underfloor heating and it was only a couple of blocks away from the venue.  Big thumbs up to the Airport Christchurch Motel

It was then time for me to refuel once again.  We went to a bar/restaurant that was in the same complex as the registration venue and Jo ordered me a steak with chips and a couple of eggs!  Who knew competing could be so much fun? 😉

Miss Jo actually told me off because I didn’t eat all of the chips.  I still had this mindset that I “shouldn’t” be eating and that I’d be bloated and fat.  But she’s the expert, so I did as I was told and ate them all up!  Go me!

After the food we went to registration.  It was quite a quick process since I didn’t need to be weighed or have my height done.  Pretty much had to pay, order some photos and grab a goodie bag.

Another big thumbs up to the organisers because they arranged for every competitor to receive a DVD of the event which was a saving of $55.00!  And the goodie bags rocked too and included a t-shirt (and a Mrs Higgins cookie .. I really wanted to go through all the bags and steal all the cookies, but Beth held me back).

After registration we did a quick grocery shop and then headed back to the motel to chillax, watch the royal wedding and feed me more food .. gosh its a hard life!  I did do some posing practice so that Jo could see how I was filling out, so it wasn’t all just eating and sitting on my arse.

I ended the day watching Kate and William get married and fell asleep hoping I had done everything right!

Till next time




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