Great Expectations

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but I’ve started doing the boxing classes at the gym with Anna.

Anna went out with a boxer in a past lifetime (well this lifetime, but you know what I mean – before now) so she can actually box and I just gotta say – I wouldn’t mess with that girl, she can throw a punch!

So Anna and I rock up to classes and she yells at me to move faster and hit harder, you know typical Anna style.

Anyway we’ve had a few instructors so far (but no where near all of them) Turi likes to do ab work and lets us freestyle punch (which is awesome for someone like me who has no idea of the numbers or how to actually punch), Stephen likes burpees and to alternate between fast punches and power punches – he uses numbers (which confuses me) but if I’m with Anna she helps me out when I’m lost. I like Stephens classes because they are fast and sweaty and he does burpees – you know how I love my burpees 😉

Last night I went to class by myself and it was taken by Mark M and it was technical .. like really technical. He started his combos with 5! It takes me about 5 minutes to work out what punch 5 is .. and then add that duck and weave thing .. well you get the gist.

So I text Mr P.T and ask if we can do a boxing technique session today .. (what the fuck was I thinking?!?!)

First off I’ve got to say that Mr P.T doesn’t know that I suck at doing things that utilise my arms and legs at the same time. You guys all know that because you “lived” through the months were I tried to ride a bike and swim in my attempt to be a triathlete

Both of those things I suck at and both things require co-ordination of your upper and lower body so that you don’t die ..

So we start out with this step drill. Step sideways, step forward, step left or whatever anyway I couldn’t get it. I also couldn’t get the jump sideways while dragging your other leg thing. Or even the step forward while punching the air and don’t get me started on the duck and weave thing.

Mr P.T was getting pissed off (he kind of reminded me of a dieting person when they are “hangry”) then I was getting frustrated because I just couldn’t work out the footwork, which then made him frustrated .. anyhoo you get the idea it all just went to shite.

Fast forward the longest 30 minutes of my life. He packs up I think thank fuck for that because I’m about to burst into tears.. but no .. he wants to stretch #sigh. I will state now we don’t usually do the stretch thing because we always run late and we were running late again but I guess because I wanted to cry he “made time”

So he does the stretch thing asking me for numbers and stuff (for pain) and I’m trying not to look at him because well you know I still want to cry. Then he does the whole “I need feedback “lecture” of “give me a number” .. I figured tears kind of meant stop, but I guess not in some mens world.

And then … oh wait for it blog people … he says

“You know I work these things out for you, the least you could do is try”


I just spent an entire 30 minutes trying to do your jump forward, backwards, sideways make a square routine over and over and over and you don’t think I tried?

So obviously by then there are real tears and I stutter ..

“I did try, I can’t be good at everything”

Now frustrated with myself for being an unco gimp AND mad (at him) for being mad at me and I’m trying to ascertain whether I’m crying because I’m mad and frustrated or maybe I’m tired?  I know I’m not hungry so it’s not that ..

I started crying because I was frustrated – but now I’m crying because I’m mad.

People have expectations ..

I feel like he’s mad at me because I’m me .. you know what I mean?  Like if he had taken my Mum for boxing and she had sucked he wouldn’t have been mad at her ..

He expected more because it was me …

To me I’m that “ordinary office worker/Mum” but others see me as a “machine” or “an athlete” therefore I’m expected to “smash it out”

Anyway we “talked” (he called it feedback) and then I went and did what all frustrated people do ..

Sprint intervals!

Which are even harder with tears streaming down your face BUT you do run faster when your mad 😉

Till next time



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  1. Tracy H says:

    You bet! I love abusing the treadmill when I’m in a bad mood! And don’t let his bad day ruin yours. Your AMAZING, even if you are unco!!!!!!

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