They came, they saw, they ran

I mentioned on Friday that I was “pimping out” my hubby the next day with the hope that he could “bring home the bacon”

Well Saturday arrived and I left the house at stupid o’clock to get to my early morning RPM session.

The plan was to have a quick shower after class then dash back across town to arrive  in time for the stair challenge kick off.

There were three Ludians competing in the challenge.  Anna and Katie in the women’s division and obviously James (because I made him since I was going to be there cheering for the girls – and he needed to train anyway, may as well train and have the chance to win a prize, right?!?!)

I got there slightly late (or they kicked off slightly early), but either way all the entrants had started running by the time I arrived.  From what I could gather they had three waves as they split the women into two groups.

After spying over the counters shoulders I could see James was in second place and was half a length behind the leader and Katie was slightly ahead of Anna (both girls were in the same wave).

All three looked like they had chosen a pace that they could hold for the entire 20 minutes and they all looked really comfortable.

I kept them all informed of where they were placed on the leader board however I didn’t tell Anna when she overtook Katie just in case she decided to then slow down.  Anna seemed to make time on Katie on the downhill section – those long legs made bounding down look easy!  .. Katie is more my size (however a million times fitter and faster) so her legs don’t cover as much ground.

20 minutes went by quickly (for those of us cheering) and when time was called team Ludus all made the podium.

James won! And although he didn’t bring home bacon, he did bring home a protein source (and to tell you the truth I don’t actually like bacon).

It took him about 15 minutes to draw even with the guy who was in the lead but once he did catch him James was away and ended up finishing the 20 minutes with 29 lengths which was 3 lengths more than the second place finisher.

The girls battled it out stair for stair but in the end Anna took it out with 27 lengths and even though she won *yay* her immediate reaction when Lisa from Go Figure announced her score was – “James beat me”

Katie came a close second with 26 lengths, she was about four flights behind Anna so it was a close fought contest.

Team Ludus with Lisa from Go Figure

For a more in depth coverage of how the morning went, check out Go Figure’s Report

If this sounds like a fun morning to you book mark the Go Figure website because it seems like they plan to do another one and soon!

Till next time

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