10 Gifts under $10.00

Earlier I wrote about how I came up completely blank when James asked me what I’d like for Christmas this year – however that doesn’t mean that there are not a myriad of gift giving options for the active people in your life and they don’t necessarily have to be expensive!

Let’s break it down;

Lip Balm
Running outdoors in the sun can wreck havoc on your lips as they do not have oil glands to keep them nourished which means they can dry out easily.  They also don’t have a lot of melanin (they stuff that protects you from the sun) which means they can burn so if you can, grab one with an SPF factor. ($4.49 at Countdown)

Epsom Salts
These have always been my go too when I’ve got aching muscles – bliss! Granted, you’ll need a bath tub for the full body experience but if you don’t you could just soak your feet in a large bucket. If you’re crafty (as in arty way not the dodgy kind) you could repackage the salts into a jar to be displayed in the recipients bathroom. ($2.60 at Countdown)

Hair ties
Honestly you can NEVER have too many of these things! One tip for those of you buying who don’t actually wear hair ties, make sure to select hair ties that are not connected with a metal clamp (hair gets caught in them) also I like quite thick bands so that I don’t constantly have to pull my pony tail apart to push it back in place. ($6.10 at Countdown)

Insect Repellent
OK doesn’t seem like the most romantic gift of all time, but those of us who are constantly whacking our shins as the bugs bite us will wholeheartedly appreciate the thought!  ($8.00-$10.00 at Countdown)

Kinesiology Tape
And bonus – kinesiology tape comes in a myriad of colors! ($8.00 at Unichem)

Car Decals
I personally wouldn’t but I’d much more likely to display a 13.1 decal on the back of my car than one of those “my family” ones .. 😉 ($5.00-10.00 at Etsy)

This fruit scented hand sanitiser

The packaging is nice and flat and it’s the perfect size to pop into a pack – it smells devine too! ($7.50 at Whitcoulls)

You could go for something like Sport Beans (which are probably just your regular old jelly beans in fancy packaging) or OSM bites are a nice size to carry on a long run, I’m not sure what they taste like though as James ate the one that I had in my emergency rations (he was hangry so in my opinion an emergency) you can even get a cool postcard trail pack of 4 (one of each flavor) for only $1.95 HERE otherwise perhaps just get their fave form of sweet – I’ve carry a bag of giant wine gums with me when I do a long run.

A flexible drink bottle
Flexible Bottles take up practically no room in your pack or luggage when empty and can even be folded. They can be frozen for ice cold water or use to as an ice pack, and some even come with a carabiner for attaching to your pack. ($7.50+ from Bivouac)

A wheat bag

Hopefully the list helps – only 6 more sleeps!

Till next time





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