The Day of Reckoning

I set the alarm for 7am so that Jo and I could apply my dream tan.  I really didn’t need to set the alarm because I had only managed to doze on and off most of the night.  Between emptying my bladder and filling my tummy there wasn’t much sleeping going on.

I ate some breakfast (rice/baby food) and then stripped down and got tanned up.  The dream tan went on super quick with the two of us doing it, so while I air dried Miss Jo got on with getting ready for her day (she was working on the BSC stand).



After the tan dried enough for me to dress,  I threw on some loose clothes, ate some more (rice wafers and banana) and then Callie my make up lady arrived to make me stage ready.

I have to admit, there were nearly tears.  I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted my hair .. but it just wasn’t happening, but to Callie’s credit, she took all my emotional turmoil in stride and did everything to make it just right.  So I started the day with straight hair, she curled it .. I hated it .. she then re straightened it .. bless her.  I have now learnt my lesson and my hair will stay as it is!

Next arrival of the day was my long time friend Brooke.  He was “awarded” the job of chief supporter, bikini gluer, bag carrier, water bottle holder and chauffeur.  Thankfully he did it all with not so much as a grumble.  For those of you who haven’t competed before .. it is a long day .. and even longer when its not you competing.  He was my rock and I’m really glad he was there.

Brooke drove us to the venue and I had a look around.  The theatre was huge!  It was actually quite intimidating.  We hung out in the foyer and watched as the rest of the athletes turned up.

I love people watching so I actually enjoyed the chance to check out the “competition” (not that you can tell what division people are doing).

And as usual .. I was eating 😉



After the athletes briefing all the athletes and their one helper where escorted backstage.  The backstage area was also huge!   There was a smaller room for any women who were uncomfortable getting ready in front of the men, but since I had Brooke with me we thought it best to stay in the main room.  Thankfully I’ve done enough shows for it not to bother me in the slightest who is around while I am undressed/dressed or half dressed.

Before I could run for the door with nerves it was time to hit the stage.  There were three “old ladies” going up on stage together but only two of us in the NABBA division.  Tara (the other brunette) was in the WFF division.

I was the first out.  I did my routine (which I forgot) but I managed to ensure the audience didn’t realise I was making it up then waited nervously while the other ladies did their routines.  Then I wobbled out on stage with Judy and Tara following behind me,  all the while trying not to fall over in those ridiculously high heels.  I tried to remember to smile, to open out my shoulders, to suck in my tummy and to poke out my butt.

(Photos stolen from – thank you Lisa)

We did our quarter turns, then our compulsary poses and while the judges deliberated we had to do a 90 second pose down.  I would just like to say that 90 seconds is a bloody long time!  I mean, its longer than my entire routine.

When the judges had decided we stood like ladies and the announcer said to the crowd and in second place “who do you think it is” .. I was thinking to myself .. its me, just give me the trophy .. and then he said “Judy Duggan” .. my first thought was “What?”  “What just happened”? then when they announced my name as the winner I had to hold back a wall of tears I have never been so overwhelmed!

We were given our trophies and prizes, had onstage photos then headed off stage.   It was all a blur really .. I was in shock, Judy had an amazing physique and I was sure she was going to kick my arse.  Even when I stumbled out the front to tell Miss Jo I had won, I couldn’t get the words out I was in shock, Brooke ended up telling her (I think).

The only downside to winning was it meant that I had to go into the overall line up, that is when they get all the winners together and decide the best of the best (the overall winner).

This is always done last, which meant that I couldn’t “eat” for at least another 3-4 hours .. *eeek*

But I thought I had a pretty good chance, so I sucked it up and just snacked and tried to keep the butterflies at bay.  I did a good job at not eating too much, not so much of a great job keeping the nerves under control.

Brooke and I hung out backstage, we went and enjoyed some sunshine and we watched the bench press exhibition.  One of the guys who weighed 79 kgs bench pressed 252 kgs!  AMAZING!

I kept an eye out on the line up and headed backstage when it was time to get ready for my return to the stage.  I pumped up, practised walking in my heels, tried to find the best position for my legs in the compulsary poses and even got oiled up by a nice young man!

I thought I did ok, I was shaky and nervous, but I thought I posed pretty well.  I knew my stiffest competition would come from Rebecca Sefton.  I had her in muscle size and I was probably a little more cut .. but she was tighter than I was in the lower half so it would be a close call.

In the end she took out the overall title.  To be honest I was disappointed .. so close yet so far .. but I had to remember how I had felt earlier on in the day .. the sheer joy I had felt and I gave myself a pat on the back (and some chocolate peanuts)

Picture again stolen from Lisa at

Miss Jo said she could tell as soon as I stepped out on stage that I had lost my confidence and the first thing Brooke said to me when I got off stage is “You didn’t smile – your secret weapon is your smile”.

So next time I step on stage .. I will not let that smile leave my face!

Till next time

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9 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Look at your freakin’ arms. Can I say amazing one more time? Ok – amazing. A deserving win!! xo

  2. Erin says:

    Congrats! you look incredible!! your arms are definately amazing!

  3. Kathy says:

    So happy for you! You WON! That’s perfect.

  4. Tracy H says:

    Well deserved win! Size and conditioning are perfect! Hope this is only the start of your journey!

  5. Donloree says:

    In 3 weeks you are going to smile like crazy and win overall. No doubt in my mind! Go get it!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    Gorgeous. Great job, I am so super proud of you and can’t wait to see you on that stage again very soon!!

  7. Michelle says:

    I’m so happy for you! You look fantastic! Great job – !!! Hugs!! xoxox

  8. Jo says:

    Well done on the win Julia, you look amazing!

  9. Congratulations! You look fabulous! I am 40 days away from my first fitness competition and I am slightly scared, nervious, tense, happy, sad, all the other emotions in between!

    You looked amazing! And theres always next time : )


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