Lets celebrate (just a little)

I’d been dreaming about post show celebrations for weeks and had even decided what I was going to eat and where I was going to eat it.

In fairness I had decided some of these things ahead of time because the earthquake in Christchurch had closed many eating establishments and the ones that were still open got booked out quickly … so I was just being prepared 😉

Brooke had booked us a table at Running Bull in Riccarton, so after the show we headed back to the motel so I could scrub the tan and make up off, wash the gunk out of my hair and put on some fresh clothes.

Dinner was perfect.  Nice and relaxed and the burger was good, even the chips were perfect, unfortunately I could only manage to fit 3/4 of the burger and 2 chips in my tummy!   But the ones I did get in tasted great!  After dinner Brooke drove me around the city to show me some of the earthquake damage then he dropped me off at the motel where I basically fell into bed and slept (bliss).

Sunday I had arranged a breakfast date with some girlfriends.  My friend Dalice picked me up and we headed to Riccarton to dine at Drexels.  The place was PACKED!   I ordered a plain pancake, half a waffle and a side of plain yoghurt.  The waffle was too die for .. I think I may have a new addiction.  The pancake was ok, quite stodgy, but ok.  I ate the entire waffle and half of the pancake (I was still quite full from the night before!).

Dal had actually decided that she would hang out with me till I had to catch my plane which was a really lovely surprise.  I figured I would just sit at the airport and hang out on Facebook from my iphone so instead of being a loner I got to go shopping (well I didnt actually buy anything but I could of if I had wanted too) 😉 and another friend drove into the city so that I could have coffee with her too .. I have such great friends, I need to remember that when I want the world to stop.

Dal got me to the aiport all while trying to look like she knew where she was going, unfortunately she let slip she really had no idea, but we got there in plenty of time.

Every second person I past in the airport terminal asked me what the trophy was for (note to self, take bigger bag so you don’t have to carry trophy in hand).  The guys all said “awesome” when I told them it was for bodybuilding.  The women either said “You don’t look like a bodybuilder” or “Gosh I never would have guessed that”.  I was itching to tell someone I was a figure skater .. I’ve got the quads for it after all.

I got home after six.  As I walked in the door I heard Isabelle in the bathroom, she obviously heard me because she must have bolted from James and I heard him say “Isabelle come back” but she kept running yelling “It’s my Mumma, my Mumma is home”

So I was greeted by a naked dripping wet three year old, but I didn’t care, I scooped her up and gave her the biggest Mummy hug ever.  Some things are even better than a trophy.  Which is lucky, because the kids think that Mummys twophy is pretty cool, so wish me luck for the show in three weeks, because apparently I need to win another one so they can have one each.

Till next time


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4 Responses

  1. Terry-Anne says:

    Congrats sounds like you had an awesome trip!!!

  2. Donloree says:

    Yes, they need matching trophies!!

  3. Lisa says:

    NO luck needed, you’ll be fantastic. BUT, for good measure, good luck =)

  4. Tracy H says:

    Don’t you dare put that trophy in a bag! Show it proudly, Well done!

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