Stairway to Heaven

Heavenly body that is! This morning the sun was out, no wind, not cold .. just stunning. Headed down to the stadium with the idea of doing the stairs with a lap of the track when I couldn’t take the burn anymore. Well I managed to do three sets of stairs with a lap, then another three sets of stairs followed by a lap, then I did suicide stairs! And no, its not running the stairs until I wanted to walk in front of a car .. its when you go up one flight, then back down, up to the second flight, then back down etc etc until you reach the top. I did one suicide set with a lap then I did it again. All in all it was 43 minutes, and man was I puffed!

Now before I forget, this weeks picture is a little different, thought I would do a comparison shot .. cant see much of a change yet .. but we will get there!

Had lunch at Mums today since Bryce was home from Sydney for a fleeting visit .. Mum cooked me chicken and veg, wasn’t hard at all to pass up the take away that everyone else was tucking into .. the steam pudding on the other hand was harder to resist, but thankfully I did .. I don’t want to have to do anymore stair running than absolutely necessary lol (oh and I didn’t “run” the stairs .. more walk fast, kind of jog, walk fast again).

Not sure what I’m going to do for my cardio tomorrow, might do a hill walk? We will see what the weather is doing before deciding. In the afternoon Ive got leg training – wish me luck!

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