Well FB is useful for many things .. during a “status update conversation” a few of us OB Mums decided to do the Pt Chev Womans Triathlon as a team, so the inaugural July Mummy team consists of myself doing the swim followed by Kylie doing the bike leg and then Fliss running us into the homeward leg.

While this is awesome for my motivation and it will make me get my ass into the pool for swim training, it wrecked havoc with my training schedule and ive spent the afternoon trying to fit bike and swim sessions into my week as I plan to do the Maraetai event, which is two weeks after Pt Chev as a solo effort.

I felt like a air traffic controller working out what “box” each session would go into and at what time things would be done, for November Ive managed to squeeze in two swim sessions, three runs and one bike session. In December (when im back to work), I will be able to get in one more bike session (as I will be training each morning before work and then each night after finishing work, so im going to get more time to train than I do at the moment. Don’t worry .. I will still have loads of cuddle time left over 🙂

(Oh and I stole the pic from the triathlon website, if you want to join in the fun go to Tri Woman)

So anyway .. today I had leg training, I was sitting under the weight on the leg press thinking to myself, who’s brilliant idea was it to schedule a stair running session the day before leg workout day *idiot* lol, but thankfully the session went well. Im going to do two leg sessions a week as they need SERIOUS work after the joys of pregnancy! Followed leg training with 20 minutes on the crosstrainer.

Food was clean (go me)! lol

Till next time





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