Here we go again

Run 1 of Week 1 of the couch to 5k completed (yes again). I figured that since I didnt finish week one thanks to stupido knee, I would just start again.

When I left work it was raining by the time I got out west, however I wasnt going to let that stop me and I headed to the stadium anyway, however on my arrival I was greeted with five school buses and the stands packed with kids! (grr), so I put my thinking cap on and headed to the treadmill at the gym, obviously this made it easier, but its better than nothing.

After my “run” I headed back to the stadium and went on the OB Mum walk, twas a busy exercise day considering It was also my early morning at the gym, where I did back and biceps and 20 minutes cardio!

However, my diligence has been rewarded! I got home to find my new Unido sling sitting on the table awaiting my return! I didnt even get changed, just put it straight on lol, Isabelle thought it was awesome to be sitting in Mummy’s top (as she calls it).

Feeling really good and can slowly see some changes happening, but mostly I just feel good more than looking good – but for now that’s enough

Till next time





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