100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 57 and I make it up as I go

Ludus has its “holiday timetable” running until the 14th of January so I’m pretty much going to be doing all of my training at home as the classes don’t fit into the kidlet timetable.

I will get to go in and do a session on the weekend so at least I don’t have to go cold turkey – absence makes the heart grow fonder .. right?

Anyway my gym is JUST like Ludus look I even have my very own shirtless and beyond cute “instructor” .. have I told you lately that I love my life 😉

The plan is that I’ll do some cardio in the morning before brekkie (and get my burpees out of the way) then James and I will train spartan styles in the afternoon when we have someone to watch the kidlets for an hour or so – it’s such a hard life sweating with the one you have the hots for .. yep love my life!

Today’s burpees were a “work in progress” and I didn’t really get into the swing of things until rep 38 when I managed to string 5 together in a row you may want to skip the first 3 minutes unless you need a good chuckle, although considering last week I couldn’t do a handstand its a start ..

This one is for Brooke and Anna – you both amaze and inspire me!

I have no idea why I think to try these when I know I have to do 57 of the suckers! Trying to work out how to get straight from the pushup to the handstand using two feet was a little strange but I’ll keep practising.

The plan is to be able to at some stage do it without the wall and to go from the pushup directly into a handstand pushup … but like I said, work in progress.

Till next time

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