100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 58 and surfs up (figuratively speaking)

My James is a surfer, you know a real one who can actually stand up and maneuver the surfboard on actual water!

I got pretty good at floating and even paddling, the standing up part – meh .. not so much.

My “pop up” as they call it is not really a pop more of a sideways dive straight into the sea and while I was researching burpee variations on You Tube I found a young lady exclaiming the benefits of the pop up burpee to help you ingrain the movement into your brain – so why not .. can’t hurt right?

As usual my burpee was a work in progress as I kept trying to jump and clap (which obviously surfers don’t do) and according to my “technical director” my “paddle” looked more like a beached turtle flailing its little flippers so I flagged that too.

It was however helpful to learn to pop up on both sides. I’m a goofy footer (heck knows what that means) which James found quite surprising as I’m right handed anyhoo he suggested it would be easier for me with my injuries if I could learn how to pop up on the other side .. frankly I’m pretty happy to sit on the beach, sunbathe (if the sun ever shows) and watch the kidlets 😉

Till next time

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