100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 59 and making it work

I may be a fit(ish) bitch – I may be a spartan – I may even be (at times) an epic adventurer but first and foremost?

I’m a Mum.

When I’m in my normal working pattern its pretty easy, I get up at stupid o’clock when they are still asleep and I go and train.

Then if I feel like having a big weekend (or I’m working off the last big weekend) I train again straight after work but before they get home from dc .. easy peasy.

During the holiday season, not so easy but gotta make these things work right? It’s been a week and we seem to have fallen somewhat into a routine. We get up, James does the kids breakfast and I duck into the gym to get some cardio done. As I’m finishing the kidlets are coming to the end of their breakfast and then its burpee time.

Burpee time can be a bit of a rigmarole depending on what kind of mood they are in. Issy quite often wants to join in – or at the very least critique the burpee of the day. Elias mostly wants to play on the equipment behind me or catapult angry birds at me (the latter makes keeping count of the burpees interesting) 😉

BUT it’s working and once thats done and dusted (we finish by 9am at the latest) the kidlets know that for the rest of the day I am theirs and we do kidlet stuff.

Sometimes I’m envious of people who get to train then are able to grab a power nap in the afternoon .. ahhh well in about 13 more years the kids will be teens and sleep all day, I’ll save up my naps for then.

Right so today we started out with the burpees I chose but the last 9 I had a special request for a certain lil lady and she smiled so sweetly how could I resist.

Till next time

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