I’m sorry (that I’m not sorry)

About once again writing about –

wait for it –


I know, I know, the blog is called burpees for life and I very rarely write about burpees these days, but never fear burpees are still TOTALLY my bitch! Unfortunately running is not. So yeah, you’ll probably see more blog posts about running until, well quite frankly, until I don’t suck (which could take awhile, but at least I’ve given you a heads up). 😉

Now that I’m a seasoned runner (its been an entire 7 days!) I was experienced enough to try on the outfit I planned to wear last night to make sure that this during this mornings run nothing rode up, fell down, pinched or strangled me. I wanted to ensure that the only annoying thing was the fact that I was actually running.

I’d bought an armband for my phone (as the one I stole from James was too small for my entire phone to fit into – which is not great if it happens to rain, which it does quite often in Auckland). I checked my Garmin was charged up – I re charged my headphones (as I threw out the instructions and I now have no idea how to tell if they have enough juice left to get me through a run) and repeatedly told myself that it wasn’t going to be THAT bad after all I only had to run up one hill today.

See – already winning …

When I first started running to drop weight in my bodybuilding days my brother worked at Nike and he recommended the Nike Pegasus for me and since then I’ve just always replaced my worn out running shoes with new ones of the exact same model, but the last couple of pairs I’ve found to be really spongy underfoot so a couple of weeks ago I purchased a pair of Nike Air Zoom Fly2 which have a lower profile and seem firmer underfoot and those are the ones I wore when I ran around the bays with the SOHK crew. I did Wednesdays run in my trusty “old” Pegasus, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer a somewhat firmer shoe than the Pegasus so I’ll stick with the Air Zoom Fly2 when I run outdoors and as a bonus, they are so bright I probably won’t get run over (unless I blind someone whilst crossing the road).

Anyway back to the actual running, the first 2.5k felt “good” in that I didn’t constantly want to stop, curl up into a ball and cry and even the first kilometre on the homeward stretch wasn’t “that bad” but I definately felt it at about the 3.5 k mark and that 500m till the Nike+ lady told me I had hit the 4k mark was hard going. Once I’d hit 4k I got my second wind because a) I knew I only had 1k to go and b) there was a downhill coming! I may hate that hill going up it, but give me a fine, dry morning and I’m going all out to make up any time I’ve lost going up it.

And boom!

Although it’s not actually my fastest 5k time ever, it’s certainly the fastest 5k I’ve done in quite some time! #goalcrushing

Till next time





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