I did burpees

Yesterday …

I love burpees! If I was given an option of say, holding a wall sit for three minutes or doing burpees, then I’d definately go with the latter! Alas when Kerry (from School of Hard Knox) said you could do burpees if you couldn’t hold the wall sit he didn’t actually mean I could just do burpees, because I like them. I know this because I asked, after all don’t ask, don’t get but yeah on this occasion I held the stupid wall sit ..

So I guess I may have found the one thing I hate MORE than running! How’s that for an opportune segue into what I was actually going to write this blog post about – running! lolol

Today (being Wednesday) is my “medium run” day which for me at this point in time is about 5k’s I’m saving all my longer runs for the weekend when I’ve got more time up my sleeve although to be honest right now, my long run’s won’t be a heck of a lot further than the medium runs. I’m considering following one of the coaching programs on my Nike+ Running app but I’m not keen on putting aside so many training days just to run and I’m even less keen to start training twice a day so I’m still undecided.

Anyway I digress – today (looking decidedly girly in pink) I went out for my 5k run, I was relatively comfortable coming into the halfway point so instead of turning around and heading back to base I thought I’d run through Beaumont Quarter and finish up at work, but I work closer than I thought so ended up having to run a loop around Silo Park to make it to the 5k mark which is kind of a bummer as I’d hope that going this way would have put me nearer the 6k mark.

One problem ..

I probably should have thought that through a bit better.  I considered having one of the boys drive me back to Ludus but I had plenty of time before I had to be at work proper (to you know, actually work) so I thought I’d just walk back and if I went up Franklin Road it would only be 3.5k which even at walking speed wouldn’t take that long.

I started walking (whilst snap chatting) but ended up jogging most of the way back (bar Franklin Road, I barely got a 10th of the way up before I had to walk).  James will be totally unimpressed, he told me yesterday that unless you are cramping there is no need to stop running – apparently being unable to breathe just doesn’t cut it these days.  But that’s lung cramps right? …

Anyway thankfully I recover pretty quickly because the jog back wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be in fact I was thinking – whoah look, I’ve gone all this way without stopping!  I rock this running shit (well I didn’t actually think that last part because I was too busy trying to keep my lungs from exploding, but looking back I probably should have at least been kind of impressed I was moving forward). 😉

Made it back with ample time to spare for some stretches, handstands and selfies before hitting the shower – all in all not a bad hump day!

Tomorrow I promise I won’t write about running. Honest!

Till next time





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