100 Days 100 Burpees (and some MMA) – Day 3

After this mornings Ludus session Yumi and I headed to the MMA and fitness expo at ASB showgrounds.

Ludus also had a stand which was quite handy because if they didn’t have a stand I probably would have lasted about 10 minutes (max) .. you see I don’t do MMA, I don’t watch MMA and I honestly know nothing about MMA


I can spot a handsome man a mile off and I noticed James Te Huna (Light Heavyweight UFC fighter) as soon as he ambled past me so Yumiko and I did the whole follow the “famous” dude and got our fan photos 😉

Other than that it was basically people selling MMA gear or wanting you to join their MMA gyms so we pretty much hung out at the Ludus stand where I put the tyres to some good use

I also cheered on Iz as she represented Ludus in the kb snatch “competition” run by the Kettle Belles (cute name huh)! It was Iz and a couple of MMA guys and she did us proud 180 kb snatches in 10 minutes and she was hung over ..

Apparently to be “elite” you need to do 200 so the nutter wants to give it another go because she should clean up when sober 😉

And now its “that time” of the day – Burpee Challenge!

I roped in Steve to do my three burpees with me after the Ludus session. I figure if you are going to sit through 100 days of watching me do burpees I could give you something else to look at!

Till next time

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