Well ive been gone along time (ever since I got pg with Isabelle), but today I returned to my “home away from home” otherwise known as Club Physical Te Atatu. Walked in and it was like I had never left, sure its been spruced up a bit in the time Ive been gone, but the faces were the same and the equipment was basically where I had left it.

So today I attempted some cardio – the crosstrainer wasnt too bad as long as the level wasnt set too high, then I jumped on the bike and the knee felt good, so I stayed on that for 20 mins and did a total of 30 mins cardio in all. After that went into the main gym and did my back (lat pulldown, lifestyle row, supermans), just kept the back workout really short as its been A LONG time since Ive done any weights.

Hopefully im not too sore in the morning, I would rather know I hadnt quite done enough than kill myself (especially after the running incident!).

On the knee note, I went to the doctor this morning and got some diclofinac (sp) and she has given me a referral for some physio (boo – I hate physio’s, Im sure their main aim in life is to cause as much physical pain as possible)

So thats about it .. food once again clean, no cravings yet so all is good on that front, one more week till ive earned the fitness magazine of my choice for my mini reward of one month good food and exercise!

Till next time





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