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Right well its taken some thought as to what I want for my rewards. It’s pretty hard as I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that will be just like buying new ones, so clothes were out, basically Im an accessory girl, so bags, hats, shoes all make me drool!

Anyway today I decided my BIG reward for when I reach my “final destination” will be a pair of Nike id shoes that ive designed. They even have the words “baby steps, big rewards) printed on them, they arent cheap at 100 pounds a pair, but will be so totally worth the effort (and luckily DH still has a bank account in the UK).

The first reward I am working towards will be buying the fitness magazine of my choice this coming Saturday as a “congratulations” for eating and exercising well for an entire month. I’ve decided that two bad days food wise a month are ok, but this month Ive been totally clean, but thats not to say it wont get harder as the months progress.

For my weight rewards, the first one I am aiming at is getting under 80 kgs, once there I will be rewarded with the Katy Perry CD One of the Boys, this is mostly for when im doing cardio as the music is quite upbeat and will keep me moving at a relatively quick pace.

Im still deciding on what I would like for my other goals, but I figure I have awhile to decide lol.

Right as for today I hauled my ass to the gym again and did the cross trainer and the bike, I also tried the rower, I managed five whole minutes, although my slackness was due to my non existent fitness level, not my knee.

After the cardio I went into the main gym and did a chest workout, must say I’m so weak! I only managed to get up to five kilos on the Olympic bar for bench presses, I used to warm up with more than that.

Food wise today has been another clean day. After reading Alex’s blog I had a sudden craving for seafood, so I went and got some fresh fish and had that for dinner tonight with a salad .. I would have taken a picture to show you how yummy it was, but my hunger for fresh fish overtook my urge to find the camera.

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