3 more sleeps

Three more sleeps till Jo pinches my fat and gives me the grand verdict. Im thinking it should be good, I’ve been eating well and exercising, obviously im not exercising like I used too, but my fitness is no where near what it was and I am lugging around an extra 15 kgs!

The picture on the left shows me at 40 weeks (with Isabelle) and my beloved trainer/friend Jo Stewart. She took me from 20 kgs overweight to standing on stage in a bikini, not one person who knew me actually thought I would go through with it, but I did and enjoyed it so much it became “what I did”

I quite often think, Id love to do that again, but it was hard work without kids, and now Ive got two, so it would definately require huge amounts of consideration before I ever decided to compete again. For now I would be quite satisfied with doing one of the womens triathlons in summer.

On the knee front – I tried to go for a walk today, made it about 20 metres then turned around and went home again. So got in the car and headed to the gym where I could use the bike and the cross trainer without gritting my teeth! Also did my shoulders, man are they going to hurt tomorrow!

Will call the physio tomorrow, hopefully I can schedule it so that I can do my workout afterwards as the physio is located at the gym, that way I dont have to travel to two places.

Food was once again good today, I did have a small wedge of pumpkin at dinner, but I think thats ok.

Till next time





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