Coming full circle

Last time I started training, I had my BFF for support every step of the way, every day she was there ensuring I was there and we kept each other on track, we picked each other up when one was down and carried the other person when they couldnt go any further.

So I text her to say im back at the our gym (she trains at Les Mills but still has her Club Physical membership), and I got a text back to say .. need a training partner? Everything is falling into place! (Now I wish the weight would fall off) 😉

The only thing im worried about is that while I was making babies, Ness has been training non stop and even did the coast to coast .. shes an athlete and Im a blob, albiet a blob who is trying to get back in shape lol.

Anyway, thats my big news for the day, otherwise I went to the physio (it hurt) then trained (that hurt too), back at physio on Friday.

Food clean again (although I did have a mini meltdown when DH told me he threw away my pumpkin!), told him NEVER EVER EVER mess with my food, Im pretty sure he got the message lol.

Right, Doctor House is calling but only slightly louder than my bed, so as soon as he is finished, im heading to bed!

Till next time





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