What happened?

Obviously some of you have been following the life and times of Julia for quite awhile because I get some questions in from time to time asking “what ever happened to/with/about” so I guess I should bring you up to date 😉


LOL – Actually I thought the same thing a couple of weeks back, but who should I (literally) run into last night at the gym?  Mr Eyecandy himself!  Stopped for a quick chat (and ogle) before getting into my workout.

Oh and I don’t know if he got married, but he hasn’t gotten fat 😉

OK where to start …

  1. Went off the rails, came back .. met boy .. decided to be fat, happy and in love and blow off everyone including the adorable Miss Jo (which is like kicking a small dog .. that woman is beyond sweet!)
  2. Met girl (No.2 was a boy) .. decided to be fat, happy and in love.
  3. Decided to do her masters!

The only real training partner I’ve had that lasted the distance was my Nessy.   She has just had a baby .. so I’m trying to get her back on stage, so watch this space people!

We are like two peas in a pod

So it has now been nearly an entire week without my Ludus fix.  I’ve decided to wait until Thursday because I want to see how not doing what I love to do affects my measures .. and if I’m fatter .. there shall be tears!

Obviously no Ludus means more walking .. last night it was freezing.  I wanted to walk on my treadmill in my sweat pants and sweatshirt and watch TV, James “talked me into” going with him for a road walk.  I complained that it was freezing outside so he told me to get a hat and gloves .. well I ended up looking like …

How on earth do Eskimos survive!

I felt like a sumo wrestler!  I have on my pants, a long sleeve top, my own hoodie, James hoodie, a hat and a scarf.  At least my ears where warm with three “hats” on my head!

I thought of all my friends who live in the freezing temperatures of Canada with new found respect 🙂

Till next time



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2 Responses

  1. Ha – so cute all bundled up. It’s snowing here today. Shoot me.

  2. Donloree says:

    What Susan said!!

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